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IDF Airstrike on Rafah Under Investigation; Military Prosecutor Calls Incident “Very Grave”

Israel’s top military prosecutor described as “very grave” Sunday’s IDF airstrike on Rafah, which Hamas health authorities in Gaza claim has killed dozens of civilians. The prosecutor, Maj. Gen. Yifat Tomer Yerushalmi, says the incident is currently under thorough investigation by the armed forces.

“The details of the incident are still under investigation, which we are committed to conducting to the fullest extent,” Maj. Gen. Yerushalmi stated at a conference hosted by the Israel Bar Association.

“The IDF regrets any harm to noncombatants during the war.”

The ongoing investigation aims to uncover the precise circumstances and assess any possible breaches of military conduct or protocol.

The airstrike killed multiple Hamas terrorists, including Yassin Rabia, the top Hamas commander in Hamas in Yehuda and Shomron, and Khaled Nagar, a senior official in Hamas’s Yehuda and Shomron wing.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

6 Responses

  1. Israelis need to stop apologizing and investigating all the time. They are fighting a war they never asked to fight. Part of fighting a war is civilians in the vicinity getting hurt. In this war the “civilians ” are not even innocent, they are terrorist themselves and terrorist supporters. All this apologizing and investigating is hurting the Israelis image they think they are trying to protect so hard…

  2. The only ones the piglitary pigsecutor should investigate is himself and his leftist cronies traitor pigs at the top of the IDF. They should face trial for treason and be charged for the murders of every single Jew that lost their life on October 7th and in the aftermath, every single wounded soldier, every single hostage, it’s all on them. Then face execution by firing squad. Period.

  3. There right now is only 1 grave situation & no other whatsoever:- The 125 or so hostages who must all be freed INSTANTANEOUSLY, and everything else even including the topic of this article, is nothing more than the יצר-הרע causing a distraction from the only grave situation in the entire universe

  4. It’s ludicrous to apologize for attacking the area that earlier in the day shot countless missiles at Israeli civilians in Central Israel!! What’s good for the goose is good for gander. This is wartime and Israel must protect its citizens more than the human shields that the enemy terrorists hide behind.

  5. I believe that the IDF and others should say something to the effect that although IDF tries their best to get non-combatants out of the area, those that did NOT leave for whatever reason including being held there by hamAS are accepting the risk of becoming injured and dead.
    To y2R: They may be doing this because they may think it is going to protect themselves against the International Court.
    To sickofidiots: Your choice of words suggests that you are angry. Whatever they did or did not do, are you saying you are excusing what hamAS and other evil thugs did on 7 Oct and beyond?
    To 147: It is a grave situation for Jews and it is NOT the only grave situation in the entire world. There are plenty of real genocides, for example, going on in the world today.
    To philosopher: I can not say for sure that every single civilian in gaza is NOT innocent, being that there are some gazans who are brave to speak up against HAMas, for instance. Of course, there is no distinction of “civilian” and “combatant” in the fake statistics coming out of gaza and being vomited basically all over the world.
    To ladler: Agreed. Even “civilian” areas that are used for military purposes loses its protection under applicable international law, becoming a legitimate military target with the concept to try to limit death and injury to truly innocent civilian – which is very difficult to do with the way hamAS has put itself into everything and everywhere – above and below ground.

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