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IT’S OFFICIAL: Norway, Spain & Ireland Reward Terror, Recognize Palestinian State

The countries of Norway, Spain and Ireland officially recognized a Palestinian state on Tuesday after declaring their intention to do so last week.

Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz excoriated Spain for the move on Tuesday, stating: “Khamenei, Sinwar, and deputy PM Yolanda Diaz call for the elimination of Israel and for the establishment of an Islamic Palestinian terror state from the river to the sea.”

“Sanchez, when you don’t fire your deputy and declare recognition of a Palestinian state — you are a partner to incitement to the genocide of Jews and to war crimes.”

Katz singled out Spain after deputy prime minister Yolanda Diza said in a speech last week: “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.”

Katz also summoned the ambassadors of Spain, Norway and Ireland last week and forced them to watch grueling footage of Hamas terrorists abusing and abducting female IDF soldiers.

While some 140 countries have recognized a Palestinian state — more than two-thirds of the United Nations — none of the major Western powers has done so. Still, the adherence of three European countries to the group represents a victory for Palestinian efforts in the world of public opinion, and will likely put pressure on EU heavyweights France and Germany to rethink their position.

Relations between the EU and Israel have nosedived with the diplomatic recognitions by two EU members, and Madrid insisting on Monday that the EU should take measures against Israel for its continued deadly attacks in southern Gaza’s city of Rafah.

After Monday’s meeting of EU foreign ministers, Irish Foreign Minister Micheál Martin said “for the first time at an EU meeting, in a real way, I have seen a significant discussion on sanctions” for Israel.

Harris, the Irish leader, insisted Tuesday the EU should consider economic sanctions for Israel, saying “Europe could be doing a hell of a lot more.”

Norway, which is not an EU member but often aligns its foreign policy with the bloc, handed diplomatic papers to the Palestinian government over the weekend ahead of its formal recognition.

Slovenia’s Prime Minister Robert Golob said Monday his government will decide on the recognition of a Palestinian state on Thursday and forward its decision to parliament for final approval.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem & AP)

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  1. Hey, you guys had your cake when the UN rewarded the Zionist terrorists with a state, well, now is their turn . . .
    Sooner rather than later you all will have to face the fact!

  2. Dr Pepper,

    They minted their own? (As opposed to “stealing” it from Israel) is Gaza included in this state or only West Bank? And if Gaza is included is Abbas “in control” of it? I thought Hamas runs Gaza

  3. This new state that pays the family of terrorists that kills jews, that 80% of the population approves of Oct 7th.

  4. If Israel didn’t want a terrorist state they are always fighting against, they shouldn’t have given land to these terrorists who never said they’ll be peaceful, they never claimed to stop fighting for Israel’s annihilation. And the dumbest thing is that Netanyahu and the left want an international force in Gaza… they never learn anything.

  5. @ ☕️coffee addict

    It’s one of those things that everyone seems to think exists but no one can answer.

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