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WATCH: Swedish MP Bursts Into Tears, Falls On Knees Of Bereaved Father

A delegation of parliament members from countries worldwide visited the “Gevurah encampment,” a protest tent opposite the Knesset established by members of about 50 bereaved families.

The families, who all lost children battling Hamas terrorists, either on October 7th or during the ground war in Gaza, belong to the HaGevurah Forum, which works to place pressure on the government to continue the war in Gaza and obliterate Hamas.

The members of the delegation met with Frieda Marciano, the mother of Sgt. Itai Eliyahu Marciano, H”yd, 20, and with Rabbi Achiya Eliyahu, the father of Sgt. Ariel Eliyahu, H’yd, 19. Both boys lost their lives battling Hamas terrorists on October 7th.

During the meeting, one of the delegation members, Swedish MP Alexander Christiansson, broke into tears and fell on the knees of Rabbi Eliyahu.

Christiansson said: “I came here to support Israel and tell its residents that many people all over the world support Israel and their hearts are with you. Israel has the right to defend itself. Contrary to everything you hear in the media, it’s important that you know that many people support and stand by Israel.”


Bereaved parents at the “Gevurah encampment.” (Gevurah Forum)


Itai Eliyahu Marciano, H’yd.
Ariel Eliyahu, H’yd.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Wow! Very moving indeed! In light of the overwhelming antisemitism the world over, to see a European PM act in this way is truly a breath of fresh air.

  2. Yaapchik, it’s not so impressive, since it’s completely consistent with him and his party. Your mistake is in thinking that all Europeans are the same, when this is obviously not true. Sweden, like every country, has a political spectrum and parties at various points on that spectrum, and when a right-wing nationalist MP from a right-wing nationalist party expresses a view 100% consistent with a right-wing nationalist position, this is not surprising. It’s what we should expect. It doesn’t change the fact that there are so many left-wing politicians in Europe who express the opposite views.

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