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Ex-Shin Bet Agent: “Uninvolved Gazan Civilians Is Science Fiction”

Moshe Pozailov is a former senior Shin Bet agent who spent most of his service in operational roles among the Arab population and as a senior-level interrogator who interrogated arch-terrorists, including Marwan Barghouti.

Pozailov told Army Radio on Sunday: “I can tell you  – the planning for the rescue of the hostages began immediately after October 7th.”

“The Shin Bet formulated two teams the day after the massacre – one to settle accounts with everyone who was involved in crossing the border fence and the second one to gather the intelligence for eventual rescue operations.”

The radio host asked: “Do the civilians in the area matter? Is it even an operational consideration when the hostages are there?”

Pozailov responded: “Uninvolved civilians in Gaza is a type of science fiction. In Gaza, everyone is involved – some on an emotional level and some on a practical level. Anyone who can stab you with a knife will stab you there – and the rescue forces take that into account.”

The room where Noa Argamani was held.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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