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DUMB AS ROCKS: Jew-Hating BBC Asks Why IDF Didn’t Warn Civilians About Raid To Rescue Hostages

In a perfect example of “you can’t make this up,” a BBC presenter asked former IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus why Israel didn’t provide an evacuation warning to Gazans before the operation,

“Of course we cannot expect Israel to issue a warning ahead of the raid to extract hostages, because then the terrorists would kill the hostages, defeating the goal. I agree with you that we don’t know if all the civilians who were killed were necessarily directly connected to the holding of Israeli hostages in Gaza for 8 months,” he said. “There was also significant resistance to the Israeli forces, including RPGs, heavy machine gun fire, and hand grenades. Some of the casualties were likely from reckless Palestinian fire.”

“Just like we saw in Rafah, Israelis were held by Palestinian civilians. Hamas gunmen may have been there also, but the bottom line is that we have complicity of Palestinian civilians,” he added.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. She looks it too! She looks like she really meant it! Indeed, dumber than rocks! The hatred is also very tangible too.

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