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PAY-TO-SLAY IN LEBANON: Gov’t To Provide Funds For Families Of Fallen Hezbollah Terrorists’ Relatives

The Lebanese government unanimously approved “pay-to-slay” compensation funds for the relatives of Hezbollah terrorists who have fallen in the war against Israel, the Saudi media outlet Al-Hadath revealed last week, as reported by Maariv.

The government will provide $20,000 for each heir of Hezbollah terrorists who were killed “as martyrs on the road to Jerusalem” since October 8th.

The Al-Hadath news anchor said that the government’s decision is unacceptable to many Lebanese citizens, especially Lebanese Christians. [Lebanon has the highest proportion of Christians of any Middle Eastern country, estimated to be between 34% and 40%.] “The government’s decision has created a division among Lebanese citizens regarding eligibility for these compensation payments, particularly because Hezbollah decided to start a war without consulting the government or the parliament and the government has been unable to pay the salaries of its employees regularly for some time,” she said.

“Some are wondering about the place and date of the fallen terrorists – in south Lebanon or Syria,” she added. “An MP from the Lebanese Forces (LF) party, Dr. Ghada Ayoub, submitted a request to Prime Minister Najib Mikati regarding the legality of the aid payments. Dr. Ayoub clarified to Al-Hadath that the government decided to pay compensation for Hezbollah terrorists from the budget reserve despite the fact that Hezbollah declared war per an Iranian decision.”

“On the other hand, a government source told Al-Hadath that the government’s decision to pay compensation for Hezbollah terrorists was accepted by the government unanimously and at the request of the Southern Council, which is affiliated with Hezbollah. In addition to the compensation, the parliament is examining a bill to grant an exemption to the residents of southern Lebanon from paying fees and taxes due to the war. Dr. Ayoub considers this as a Hezbollah bribe at the expense of the state to citizens who are disgruntled over the continuation of the war and the extent of the destruction and loss of life.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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