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Hamas Prepared Plan To Rule Gaza “The Day After” By Reserving Two Battalions

Two Hamas battalions have not participated in the battles against the IDF in the Gaza Strip, Kan News reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, Hamas prepared a plan in response to Israel’s intention to destroy all its military battalions in the current war and reserved two battalions for “the day after” – when the war ends.

Two battalions, one in Khan Younis and the other in Deir al-Balah – were instructed to avoid engaging in battles as much as possible so they can survive and rule the Gaza Strip the day after the war.

In order not to be harmed in the battles, the terrorists from the Khan Younis battalion moved to Rafah dressed as civilians and blended into the local population. When the operation in Khan Younis ended and the one in Rafah began, they returned to Khan Younis.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. It is very simple, Ultimately Chamas is the Name this Terror organisation called. It’s not Yechi Sinwar… he happened to represent the motives of the Group Just like ISIS, Buko Harham and more knowingly El Qaida, by The And of the Day it goes down to one thing “Aisav Soneh Lyakoyv”
    This is “individualised” people that made a Decision to Wake in the morning and join an Armed Group that they Call themselves chamas, and that’s why I believe that it will very hard to defeat them. And that’s part of the reason captives are not released there is no Ktoyves. (Address) You chap what’s happening. It’s levdil elf alfay avdolos, imagine you are a marketing group with many email addresses, and you sending thousands of emails (missiles) per Day and in response Israel is deleting, deleting, deleting, eventually you move those terrorist into Spam. Ultimately the Aisav Soneh Lyakoyv. Lavdil elf Alfay avdolos, Will wake up with a different email address
    (humus) instead and get us again with another October the 7th you just got to keep pressing delete delete delete, then convince yourself it was deleted and then hope and ask Hashem for Zchuyos of Lchaim Veloy lamoves. Scream to Hashem from the depth of your heart and say to him Am Israel Chai. And remind yourself of the Pasuk Bechol dor vdor Omdim alaynu Lechalosainu. And sing Vakodosh Baruchu matzilaynu Myodom.

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