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Israeli Police Nearly Cause Doctor To Go Blind With Water Cannon Blast

A volunteer doctor, Dr. Tal Weissbach, was injured during an anti-government protest in Jerusalem last night, putting her eyesight at risk, according to the White Coats activist group. Dr. Weissbach was hit in the face by a police water cannon’s stream while standing on the sidewalk of Radak Street, clearly identified as a physician on volunteer duty by her brightly colored vest.

Prof. Hagai Levine, a leader of White Coats, condemned the incident, stating that Dr. Weissbach posed no threat and did not participate in any violent actions. “Her injury was caused by the illegal use of force by the police,” Levine said, calling on the Israeli Medical Association to take action.

White Coats has repeatedly warned against excessive police violence at protests, and this incident has sparked outrage among the medical community.

Mirsham, the organization of medical residents in Israel, is demanding an immediate legal investigation and is calling for those responsible to be held accountable.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. “is demanding an immediate legal investigation and is calling for those responsible to be held accountable…” does this also apply to the police violence against chareidy protesters???

  2. The protest was not peaceful. Doesn’t matter how it started, but it went bad very quickly and thoroughly.

    This article is missing important context.

  3. Here comes a friendly tip to all my dear friends:
    If you are planning to join a protest in Israel in the near future:
    Please remember and keep on reminding yourself, that there is a very strong possibility that the Police are going to use a water canon and maybe by mistake just for about one or two seconds the water will hit your face, obviously not on purpose, but in the middle of a protest you need to understand that both sides are very nervous, both sides are full of adrenaline , both sides are angry, both sides can easily make an error because we are only human. God does not make any mistakes, but the Police, they are not God and therefore they might make a mistake because the protesters have a way to drive them crazy and make them mad like a dog. I will tell you a little secret. If a protester throws a beer bottle at the face of a Police Officer, guess what, he will grab the water hose and try to spray that evil protestor, but as he is trying to aim the hose at that one wild evil protestor, it is possible that by mistake if the doctor is near by, he might get the hose in his eye for one second and the Police since their adrenaline is very high, they are not presently worried about lawsuits or losing their jobs. They are angry and mad and they want to hose down that protestor that just now threw a beer bottle at the face of a Police Officer. The news organizations will not say one word about beer bottles because they are trying to paint a fake picture about the Israeli Police and they are purposely hiding from the public some of the true things that honestly happened at that protest.

  4. May the Almighty send to this Doctor, to this wonderful woman who got injured, may the Almighty send to her a real quick

    רפואה שלמה בתוך שאר חולי עם ישראל

  5. Oh, please. She participated in a treasonous and violent demonstration, and should be glad a water cannon is all she got. Being a medico doesn’t exempt her from the law.

  6. Antifa do the same thing, and have people designated as “legal observers” or “reporters” or “medics”, who are supposed to be immune from the police, to assist the rioters and to act as human shields for them.

  7. Demonstrating against your government in the middle of a war when tens of thousands of your fellow citizens are fighting and giving up their lives for you, is HIGH TREASON.
    She is lucky she didn’t get a bullet between her eyes.

  8. She is a gynacologist, a women’s doctor, who deals with women’s issues. not a regular doctor. She was their to support the illegal protesters who block roads.

  9. Its terribly upsetting to hear of such a grievous and debilitating injury. That said, people protesting or those offering protesters backup and support, should make their choices wisely and cautiously. At this time, there should be no place for the anti-govt protests that were undoubtedly an element of weakness that emboldened Hamas yimach shmam. A United front against evil is whats needed. Our enemies, who ought to be the enemies of all mankind, revel in seeing us divided and fighting. And they are just holding out with the unfortunate hostages because there are Israelis who seem to caving in willingly for a defeat Rachmana Litzlan. So Doc, refuah shleima. May both your sight and your vision be healthily and positively restored

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