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DISTURBING: New Hezbollah Drone Films Sensitive Sites In Haifa, Including Entire Port

In a concerning and unprecedented development, Hezbollah published a nine-minute long video of what it claims is footage filmed from by its surveillance drone in Israel, including the Haifa port and petrochemical and fuel storage sites.

The video, which was published by the Lebanese Al Mayadeen network, also showed footage of neighborhoods in areas near Haifa, a shopping mall and a Rafael arms factory, including details such as Iron Dome batteries and rocket engine depots.

Hezbollah claimed the drone was launched to Haifa Bay and later returned to Lebanon.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. making themselves out to be the mighty strong macho samurai army that is totally invincible has only caused more and more their downfall.

    They are always busy destroying terrorists “beyond repair”, but for some reason that has just not happened time and time again.

    They cleared and declared so parts of gaza of being clean from the hamas animals, but somehow they are still active (however minimal or not it is).

    They found tons of tunnels, and “decimated” the ranks of the hamas terrorists, but somehow only they say so, and hamas are still terrorising and attacking.

    Every time they target with “precision” locations in Lebanon that was supposed to have decapitated hezbollah from carrying on with its terror, the response gets stronger and more potent.

  2. Do you need a drone? Satellite data is just as good and readily available, both Israel and Iran has space programs capable of building and launching satellites.

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