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El Al Reinstates Discounted Shipping for Donations to Israeli War Effort After Public Outcry

El Al has announced that it will reinstate its steeply discounted shipping program for donations supporting the Israeli war effort. Registered charities will once again be able to ship donation bags for $50, instead of the regular price of $200.

The move comes days after the airline announced it would end the program, citing subsiding emergency needs in Israel and high shipping costs. The decision to reinstate the discount follows public backlash against the airline from both Israeli and diaspora Jewish communities.

El Al has shipped tens of thousands of duffel bags full of essential items, including tactical gear and clothing, to Israeli combat soldiers since October 7. While the rate of donations has slowed, demand among soldiers remains high. Volunteers organizing the shipments say the discount makes a significant difference in their ability to provide aid.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Why $50.00 a bag ? Israeli airline no matter who owns it as long it has Israeli flag on its tail wings should deliver those donations for free of charge. They just announced they made $80 million in its first quarter so why not offer free delivery for your soldiers.
    Does ELAL realize if it was not for those soldiers in the front the airline wouldnt be able to operate and would shut down.

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