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Released Hostage Tells BBC: “I Don’t Believe In Peace Now, The World Hates Jews”

Ada Sagi, 75, who was abducted on October 7th from Kibbutz Nir Oz and released in the hostage deal in November, was a peace activist for decades, even learning Arabic to promote coexistence with her neighbors in Gaza.

However, her views have now changed forever, she told BBC. “I don’t believe in peace,” she said. “Hamas doesn’t want it.”

Sagi described how after she was abducted, she and other hostages were hidden in a home of a family with children but the next day they were taken to an apartment in Khan Younis because it was “dangerous.”

The apartment owner, a nurse, told them that his wife and children were sent to stay by his in-laws. Students were paid to guard them.

“I heard them say… 70 shekels [£14.82; $18.83] for a day,” she said. “It’s a lot of money in Gaza because they have no work. And if you have work that’s not with Hamas, it’s no more than 20 shekels for a day,” she said.

Before their release, she and other hostages were taken to a hospital in southern Gaza, Nasser Hospital, and told: “You are staying here.”

According to testimony from a number of hostages, at least ten hostages, of whom one is still in captivity, were held at Nasser Hospital.

Referring to the “innocent” Gazan civilians, she said: “People say that they are not involved. They’re involved… and getting money for each of us.”

Sagi added that after seeing the reactions of the world to Israel’s war in Gaza and the indifference to the plight of the hostages, she believes that most of the world hates Jews.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Actually, most of the world hates Zionism, not Jews. But the Zionist Big Lie that the Zionists represent all Jews is indeed a big problem for Jews.

  2. At this point it appears she is correct. As many past gedolim predicted, zionism would turn most of the goyim to open hatred of all Jews. That doesn’t offer any good options, either for the Jews in Eretz Yisrael or in golus, since it is unlikely we can defeat the goyim (defeating a few inept Arabs states is one thing, defeating the goyim is not realistic), and will need to rely on a nes, which is clearly something one should not do.

  3. HaKatan says:

    “Actually, most of the world hates Zionism, not Jews.”

    Chazal teach: “Eisav Sonei Et Yaakov”, meaning that
    Gentiles hate JEWS. Notice that Chazal never said
    that Gentiles hate Zionists; they said: Gentiles hate JEWS.


    The Koran, chapter 5, verse 82, says that Jews are
    “the worst enemies of Muslims”. Not just enemies,
    but THE WORST enemies of Muslims.
    Zionists are never mentioned in The Koran, only Jews.

    The Hadith (a major Muslim holy book) teaches that
    The Last Day cannot come, until ALL (100%) Jews
    are killed by Muslims. This story is mentioned
    SEVEN TIMES in The Hadith. Zionists are never
    mentioned in the Hadith, only Jews.

    The Hadith says that when The Last Day comes,
    a rock will miraculously speak and say:
    “Muslim! A Jew is hiding behind me!
    ARISE AND KILL HIM!!” Zionists are never
    mentioned in the Hadith, only Jews.

    Mohammed, the founder of Islam, KILLED
    more than 800 Jewish men, and took their
    widows and orphans as slaves.
    That was 13 centuries before the first Zionists.


    Dear HaKatan,

    By making that statement — which can be easily refuted,
    many, many, many times over, from both Torah and History,
    you publicly reveal yourself to be: [1] a liar [2] an ignoramus
    [3] insane [4] delusional [5] completely filled with sinat chinam.
    [6] Last but not least, you do not know when to stop.

    From now on, I have no respect for you at all. NONE!!

    I have made a permanent record of your comment,
    so in the future, I can show people that you are a
    stupid, wicked, ignorant, brainwashed fool.


  4. >>>Actually, most of the world hates Zionism, not Jews. But the Zionist Big Lie that the Zionists represent all Jews is indeed a big problem for Jews.

    So now the anti-Zionist Kanoim have reached the point where they believe the anti-semites over Chazal. Chazal said ‘Halacha Eisav Soneh es Yaakov’, the anti-Zionists disagree and say they only hate Zionists. (alternatively they make up that Chazal only meant Esav all other nochrim are tzadikim-that is how influenced they are by them)

  5. HaKatan, congratulations! Although it’s only June, you have been awarded the prestigious annual “IDIOT OF THE YEAR” award.

  6. SQUARE_ROOT and smerel:
    Your Zionist distortion of the Torah and chazal is par for the course, as is your projection of the same unto anyone trying to show you the Torah’s truth.

    Along with Esav sonei es Yaakov, which is of course true, comes the Torah’s instructions for how to deal with Esav in galus – which the Zionists completely disregard and intentionally do exactly the opposite, causing damage to Jews and Judaism as mentioned.

  7. It is well known that everyone loves the Jews before Zionism. Hitler did what he did because he hated zionists. The mass forced conversion of Jews in Spain and in Iran by the Christians and Muslims happened because they hated the Zionists (who were to be invented a few hundred years after the forced conversions of Spain and Iran).

  8. Factors to note:

    For the last 75 years, there have been no Zionists living outside of Eretz Yisrael. If you are a Zionist, you moved there. While most Jews outside of the Medinah are to varying degrees sympathetic, if they were Zionists they would be Israelis (as most Jews are). Thus all the “anti-Zionist” attacks occurring outside of Israel are clearly anti-Jewish.

    And groups such as Hamas primarily target groups that are ideologically only barely Zionistic, such as focusing their attacks on secular left-wingers (the frum Yidden who were killed Oct. 7 tended to be in the army or connected to security forces, even though the Israeli ruling class insists that frum Jews do not serve in the military or the security establishment). The half naked Jewish women in the pictures of Oct. 7 were not undressed since Hamas stole their clothes; they are seculars from an anti-Torah (which is why it was on yuntuf) music festival who go in public dressed that way.

  9. “As many past gedolim predicted, zionism would turn most of the goyim to open hatred of all Jews.”

    I suppose that before May 14th, 1948, the world just LOVED us. Especially from 1933 to 1945.

  10. @HaKatan
    your dead wrong
    the world hates Jews
    Eisav sonei es Yaakov was arounf before zionism
    Se’ir V’chosno was around befor zionism

    Yes Zionism is a false idol that doesnt is “lo Mo’il” but if your walking around comfortable thinking your spared, your an idiot.

    Once you can recognize that zionists, however “to’eh” they are, are nevertheless your brothers and sisters, you may start looking at them in the proper light, perhaps even reachign the madreigah of Talmidav shel Aharon, oheiv es habriyos umekarvan latorah”!

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