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LEAKED: IDF Probe Into October 7th Events Reveals Shocking Mistakes And Dysfunction

A report by Israel’s Channel 12 has leaked key findings from the IDF’s ongoing probe into the events of October 7th, which are set to be officially disclosed in mid-July. While the IDF has not confirmed the report, its silence is telling, given its previous denials of other leaks related to the incident.

According to the report, the probe has uncovered numerous cases of friendly fire errors resulting in deaths, as well as instances of hesitation among IDF soldiers to confront Hamas invaders. Additionally, higher-up commanders are under scrutiny for ordering some soldiers to remain in reserve, rather than deploying them to the front lines.

One of the most controversial aspects of the probe is the potential freezing of Brig.-Gen. Barak Hiram’s promotion to commander of the Gaza Division. Hiram has been criticized for his handling of a hostage situation in Be’eri, where he allegedly gave orders to fire on residential units containing both Hamas terrorists and hostages, potentially killing a dozen hostages.

The IDF’s probe is expected to be released on a rolling basis in July and August, with key officers presenting their findings to IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Herzi Halevi in early July. The probe will examine the security establishment’s outlook on Gaza since 2018 and may potentially look further back in time as part of a state inquiry and State Comptroller report.

In addition to the IDF’s probe, many defense officials are calling for a state inquiry to investigate the decisions and actions of the government. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has opposed any state inquiry, citing political concerns for his coalition.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Nice cover up for the real issue, where was the Air Force for 7 hours?

    Where was the Hartzi Levi and all his liberal friends? This is one of the greatest disasters in the history of Israel, yet none of them where fired on Oct 8.

    Bibi has no vision, no guts to lead!!!

    He didn’t pass anything meaningful, including the much needed reforms


  2. you guys all missed the boat, it ws meant to happen.
    The only way someone can live 20 metres from Gaza’s fence and sleep in peace is because they trusted the army too much. Hashem runs the world, not the IDF.

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