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HARD TO WATCH: Family of Israeli Hostage Daniella Gilboa Releases Hamas Propaganda Clip To Highlight Plight

The family of Daniella Gilboa, an Israeli soldier held hostage by Hamas, has permitted the publication of a propaganda clip released by the terrorist organization in January. The clip shows Gilboa pleading to be brought home, saying she feels abandoned by the government.

In the clip, Gilboa identifies herself as a soldier kidnapped from the Nahal Oz base on October 7 and says she has been held for 107 days. She expresses fear for her life, saying she is under constant bombardment and was nearly killed by Israeli bombs on one occasion.

Gilboa directs a message to the Israeli government, saying, “Why should I as a soldier… feel that I have been abandoned and thrown away? Get over yourselves, dear government, and start doing your job as is necessary. Bring us home alive.”

The clip also features a personal message from Gilboa to her family, expressing how much she misses them. Her mother, Orly Gilboa, told Kan public broadcaster that the family decided to permit publication of the clip to highlight the importance of renewed talks for a hostage-truce deal.

Gilboa, 19, was in touch with her family on the morning of the attack and sent videos that morning. She was abducted along with four other female soldiers from the Nachal Oz base by Hamas terrorists.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

5 Responses

  1. I watched this video as soon as it came out. To me this doesn’t sound coerced. She may be one of the hostages who will come back with a baby.

  2. Bklyntrucker ,

    First part of your comment SOUNDS about right but who knows?? I have no idea what the third sentence has to do with the first two though.

  3. Bklyntrucker is implying stockholm syndrome. I find it appalling, as I think we should give benefit of the doubt to hostages.

    Anyway, this video is nothing but propaganda for Hamas/anti government hostage families. It is irresponsible to publish, promote, or watch it. I did not watch it and recommend to everyone not to watch it either.

  4. I don’t agree with anyone blaming the government saying they have abandoned the hostages. No way can they just surrender to Hamas in order to free the hostages – it will bring another Simchas Torah massacre choliloh and more hostages taken. They have already gone too far by offering to release hundreds of dangerous terrorists.

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