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Anti-Hamas Gaza Activist Amin Abed Critically Injured In Brutal Attack By 20 Thugs

Amin Abed, a prominent Gaza activist who has organized anti-Hamas protests, is in critical condition after being assaulted by a group of men wielding batons and knives. The attack occurred on Monday while Abed was walking home, and he is currently being treated at a hospital in northern Gaza.

According to his father, Salah Abed, who detailed the attack in a Facebook post, Amin was attacked by a group of men who left him severely injured. Amer Balousha, a friend of the activist, reported that more than 20 masked men attacked Abed, and when bystanders attempted to intervene, the attackers fired shots in the air and claimed to be from Hamas’s internal security.

Hamas has yet to comment on the incident. Amin Abed has been a vocal critic of the terror group, organizing protests in 2019 over the economic conditions and taxes imposed by Hamas. He has also spoken out against Hamas’s devastating attack on Israel on October 7, which triggered the ongoing war and has brought unprecedented devastation and hunger to the Gaza Strip.

The attack on Abed comes amid a breakdown in law and order in Gaza, where the Hamas-run police have largely vanished from the streets after being targeted in Israeli strikes. Criminal gangs and other armed groups have exploited the situation, robbing aid convoys and complicating humanitarian efforts.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. It is unlikely to be “thugs” — more likely it was Hamas activists (remember that Hamas is the leading political party in Gaza). This is what generally happens to pro-peace activists in the Palestinian territories.

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