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Jewish Family Sues NYC For $100 Million Over Alleged Antisemitic Attack At Graduation

A Jewish family is planning to sue the city of New York for $100 million over an alleged antisemitic attack at a fifth-grade graduation ceremony in Brooklyn. The incident occurred on June 14 at PS 682 in Gravesend, where a man was punched and dragged to the ground, and a woman was dragged by her hair and kicked.

The family, who filed a notice of claim on Monday, alleges that the attack was incited by a student wearing a graduation cap with “Free Palestine” written on it, and waving a Palestinian flag. The family claims that the school allowed the student to display the cap and flag, which they say is a political statement that incited hostility.

The altercation allegedly began when the family of the student with the Palestinian cap and flag tried to shove the Jewish family out of the way at a balloon display. The situation escalated, with multiple people joining in, including a woman who hit a man with her stiletto and a younger man who punched and dragged him to the ground.

The family is claiming negligence, assault, emotional distress, and human-rights violations. They allege that the school was negligent in providing proper security and incited hostility by allowing the student to display the cap and flag.

The city Department of Education has stated that they strongly denounce anyone who acts in a violent or aggressive way during school events, and are still investigating the matter. The family’s lawyers intend to file civil complaints against the Department of Education and the individuals responsible for the assault.

The incident is one of several suspected anti-Israel hate crimes in the city since the Palestinian terror group Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 7.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Jersey Jew,

    In our upside down world, everything is merely “alleged”. I think we all saw enough videos of October 7th atrocities yet there are plenty of fools who deny it occurred, even wile the animals who perpetrated the attack filmed it themselves and proudly admit to everything. We live in a very “proper” world, what you see can be “allegedly” seen. It’s just like sedom, the fools have mercy on the wicked and are wicked to the mercy.

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