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Vehicular Attacks are Not a New Concept

While this is the third time in recent months a motor vehicle of sorts was used in a terror attack, the concept is not a new one and there have been similar attacks over the past years.

February 18, 1987: A terrorists rams an IDF patrol in the Askhar area of Shechem. Two soldiers were seriously wounded. The soldiers on the patrol eliminated the terrorist. One of the soldiers died of his injuries 18 months later.

November 30, 1989: A terrorist hit and killed a Jew at Gush Katif Junction.

February 26, 1996: A terrorist rammed his vehicle into people waiting at the bus stop/in Jerusalem’s French Hill neighborhood. One woman was killed and a number other people wounded.

August 10, 1999: A terrorist ran over two female soldiers at Nachshon Junction. As the wounded were being treated, the terrorist returned for a second strike. He was fired upon, lost control of the vehicle and was killed.

January 28, 2002: A terrorist ran over an IDF soldier at a Kalkilye area checkpoint. He continued towards Petach Tikvah where he obtained another vehicle, continued to Bnei Brak and there, he ran over a policeman and a female soldier.

July 2, 2008: A terrorist used a bulldozer to strike vehicles and pedestrians on Jerusalem’s Jaffe Street killing three and injuring others.

July 22, 2008: A terrorist used a bulldozer to strike vehicles on Jerusalem’s King David Street near Liberty Bell Park. Over 24 people were injured.

Police have announced the identity of the terrorist responsible for the Monday night attack was Kassam Mugrabi, 19, a resident of Jerusalem’s Jabel Mukaber neighborhood. Police are not permitting the establishment of a mourning tent by the terrorist’s family.

As was the case with the first bulldozer incident, with the terrorist also from Jabel Mukaber, the terrorist’s father stated it was a “car accident, not an attack”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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