Soldier Who Eliminated Terrorist Fired 11 Shots


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idf sniper.jpgThe IDF soldier who fired at the vehicular terrorist on Monday night bringing an end to the attack fired 11 shots. Lt. Elad, 23, from Haifa, explained his group numbered 80 people. The group had just completed a lecture and was walking on Jaffe Street towards the Old City. At Kikar Tzahal, he realized someone would have to undertake traffic control to permit the large group to cross safely. Suddenly, the black BMW appeared from Shlomo HaMelech Street, heading directly for the soldiers.

“I immediately understood it was a terror attack. I chambered a bullet and fired at the vehicle, causing the driver to strike the wall. I was afraid he would put the car in reverse and run over my boys again. I could not think of anything else. I then fired 11 shots into the car. Police immediately began arriving. I was still pointing my gun at the terrorist. I immediately told my soldiers to close the area around the terrorist’s vehicle, not to permit anyone to approach for fear it might be a bomb.”

Elad’s former commander when he was serving in the paratroopers was none other than Captain David Shapira, the officer who eliminated the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva terrorist in March.

Lt. Elad today serves as a deputy company commander for the 55th Battalion of the Artillery Corps. He is a graduate of the Pirchei Aaron Yeshiva High School in Haifa. He is married and the father of two.

He stated, “I did what every soldier and officer is compelled to do. For this we are trained.”

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. A special beracha to you Lt. Elad for your special mitvah. This is the only solution. Unfortunately, if the terrorist would go to prison, he would be, eventually, part of a “good will gesture” on the part of a Livni government.
    Do we know the names of the injured soldiers so that we can daven for them”?

  2. So once again it is a Dati Jew who takes out the terrrorist. Just like at Merkaz HaRav, and the first AND second bulldozer attacks. So much for the chilonim who always claim that religious Jews are not good Israelis, not nationalistic, and just a burden on Israeli society. Just in these last 4 attacks how many more lives and limbs would have been lost without THESE religious Jews.