Boyaner Rebbe Shlita: Vote Porush!


boyan.jpgRav Yaakov Shreiber, the gabbai to the Boiyaner Rebbe Shlita, reports on Monday he received instructions from the Rebbe that chassidim living in Yerushalayim should vote in the mayoral elections for Meir Porush.  The Rebbe Shlita is currently in the United States but he delivered his message to his chassidim, instructing them exactly how to cast their vote. To avoid any confusion, the Rebbe reportedly telephoned his gabbai and informed him specifically that chassidim are to vote Porush and the “Gimmel” Agudas Yisrael list for city council.

The Rebbe’s proclamation joins the growing list of Admorim and Rabbonim Shlita, all instructing their constituents to vote for the only frum mayoral candidate, Rav Porush.

Interestingly, as the opponents of Porush seek to fuel the flames of controversy, some preferring to call it Kavod HaTorah, the gedolei yisrael are more concerned with the possible chilul Hashem of a non-frum candidate taking the mayoral race, and placing the fate of the Jewish capital in the hands of a non Shomer Shabbos mayor. Nevertheless, the streets of Geula and other frum areas are literally littered with anti-Porush flyers and billboards, seeking to persuade chareidim to boycott him at the polls. This despite calls from Degel and its gedolim as well as many other gedolei torah to vote Porush.

As a result of the Rebbe’s specific instructions, the Boiyaner Chassidim are beginning to organize and they are expected to make a major push to get the chassidim out in support of Porush and Gimmel.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. the bottom line is ofcourse everyone should follow the gedolim’s instructions & vote for porush.
    however a machoah lechvod hatorah is certainly in place.
    it is also amessage to porush that they are only voting for him because theres no other option.

  2. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty about the Rebbes instructions. According to many other reports, he only instructed them not to support Barkat but didnt actually say vote Porush. It would follow that he meant not to vote a mayor at all.