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Tal Brodi Moving to Likud Too

Legendary former American and Israeli basketball star Tal Brodi has announced that he too will be competing for a position on the Likud Party lineup for the 18th Knesset general election.

Brodi joins the growing list of stars who hope to become MKs in the next Knesset and for many; they have set their sights on a cabinet post.

If Likud emerges the victor in the upcoming elections, Binyamin Netanyahu’s job will not be an easy one. Take the defense portfolio for example. Many feel that former IDF chief Moshe Ya’alon in the obvious choice but former IDF northern district commander, Yossi Peled, also views himself in the post as does Uzi Dayan, a former chief of military intelligence and senior officer.

Binyamin Begin is looking at the national infrastructure post, and former Israel Police chief, Assaf Chafetz, has stated publicly he wants to be the next public security minister. Silvan Shalom of course expects to become the next foreign minister, a post he filled in the past, and Dr. Uzi Landau see himself tackling the educational matters of the country.

Returning Likud prince Dan Meridor is looking at the justice ministry and these new realities have placed the veteran lineup in jeopardy as they continue to parley support among the 3,000 members of the party’s central committee, who have the final say regarding the partly lineup.

Ironically, one’s credentials and talents have nothing to do with the reality that when the central committee meets, the members usually vote for those who made the most promises, presented the most convincing argument and are just plain old members of the ‘good boys’ network. Those seeking a position on the Likud ballot have already begun courting the central committee members, making promises and taking them out for dinner and doing whatever necessary to win their support.

All this without even entertaining cabinet posts for members of other parties, who will undoubtedly demand cabinet posts in order to bring them into a coalition towards obtaining a Knesset majority.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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