Former Treasury Official Links-Up With Netanyahu


Dr. Yoran Zilcha, who was the accountant-general in the Finance Ministry, has joined the Netanyahu team after leaving the current administration due to irreconcilable differences regarding the nation’s fiscal policies.

Zilcha, who expressed harsh criticism regarding the current administration’s policies, has joined the Likud camp, and according to party leader Binyamin Netanyahu, if elected, Zilcha will hold a prominent place in the Prime Minister’s Office, a member of Netanyahu’s economic recovery team that is already working on formulating a plan to extricate Israel from the downward economic spiral resulting from the global economic crisis.

Zilcha is reportedly among the closest advisors on economic matters to Netanyahu, who himself holds a Masters degree in business administration from the prestigious M.I.T.

Netanyahu is well aware that economics will dominate the campaign, and he is working with a team of experts towards preparing for his election victory, which will place the nation’s economic future in his hands. It was Netanyahu who overcame must opposition in his decision to import Prof. Stanley Fischer, now the governor of the Bank of Israel. The nation’s Histadrut labor union and many others objected to bringing in “an outsider,” but Netanyahu remained firm, eager to actualize his plan of appointing Fischer, a most respected member of the world’s senior banking community.

Zilcha told reporters it is no secret that he is now aligned with Likud, and he added he remains committed to work towards the rehabilitation of the Israeli economy.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)