Supreme Court Gets Tough on Migron


In a tenaciously committed move, the left-wing continues its efforts to remove the Shomron community of Migron, and on Wednesday, emerged with a Supreme Court victory. Migron, officially classified an “illegal outpost” is located in the Benjamin Regional Council district of Shomron is home to some 42 families.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the State to explain within 45 days why it shouldn’t remove Migron. Earlier in the week, in its response to the court, the Defense Ministry stated that it has found an alternative location, in nearby Yishuv Adam, and after the new community is duplicated, the residents would make the move and Migron in its current location would be eradicated.

The radical left-wing Peace Now organization presented to the court a declaration by Brigadier General (ret) Ilan Paz, that estimated the construction of a new neighborhood in Adam to house the evacuees could take between 3-7 years.

In her summation the Supreme Court President Justice Dorit Beinish criticized the State “Today you are submitting papers full of promises, but without any knowledge of who will actually see this through in 3 years time, your statements have turned into meaningless words. In your statements you have revealed some of your secrets; you explain how the evacuation will be carried out, but you never actually say that it will be carried out”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)