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Attack on the Trans-Israel Highway – Couple Almost Lynched

lynch.jpgAs the Israeli Arab community continues protests and violence in opposition to the ongoing IDF operation in Gaza, the Nachal I’ron (Wadi Ara) area is becoming increasingly hostile. Sunday’s violence in the Israeli Arab community culminated with a firebomb attack on the Trans-Israel Highway, also known as the Yitzchak Rabin Highway or Route 6.

The attack occurred at a time the roadway near Baka el-Gharbiya was empty. When police came to check the area, they found two additional firebombs ready for use.

For Afula residents Batya and Moshe Cohen, the day is one they will never forget. The too were caught in the Arab violence, and Baruch Hashem, only their vehicle was damaged and authorities extricated them from Um el-Fahm, an Israeli Arab municipality, with light injuries. They were transported to Ha’emek Hospital in Afula.

“We almost went to shamayim” Batya cried out. “We ran from the crowd. I do not know how we got out. It is hard to believe we are safe. It is our Chanukah miracle.”

Irit, a daughter, explained that her parents were on their way home from visiting her sister, who is about to give birth. “Ima called me and began stuttering on the phone yelling ‘they are attacking us with rocks’”. They were traveling back to Afula from Chadera when their vehicle was spotted and the Israeli Arabs decided to attack.

“We were stuck in traffic on the main Wadi Ara Road,” explained Batya. They realized they needed to fill up and pulled into the Wadi Ara Junction gas station. They were unaware of the violence taking place in the area.

“It only took seconds and hundreds of youths began attacking us, hurling rocks at the car. I saw they were looking to kill, I saw it in their eyes” she adds.

Police are investigating the incident, reporting their car is destroyed. Thousands took place in the violence in major Israeli Arab communities including Um el-Fahm, Kfar Kana and Arabah.

Hundreds took part in a Haifa protest on Sunday, including Arabs and left-wing Israelis. 700 people were involved in rock-throwing attacks in Faradis. Tire burning and rock-throwing was widespread, inside Green Line Israel as well as in Yehuda and Shomron.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. There should be No Israeli Arabs..period….they will always turn on us. Reading that there were protests by left wing Israeli’s is just sickening.

  2. B”H

    This is a good time to see who stands with Israel. This is a time of war. If they want to engage in peaceful protest,fine, but the minute they pick up a gun or a knife or a rock or get behind the wheel of a car with intent to do violence, they should be detained for their crime, then stripped of their Israeli citizenship and shipped to Gaza.

    And, if the leftists love the arabs so much, send them to Gaza to live. We will see how much they love the arabs when they are being lynched!

    Expecting an arab to show compassion because you are a leftist Jew is like expecting a charging bull to show compassion because you are a vegetarian!

    Those who show compassion for evil will show evil to the compassionate!

  3. Now, I understand why the left made sure to assassinate Meir Kahane. Given today’s climate in Israel, he would have been elected Prime Minister handily.

    He wanted to ship all the Israeli Palestinians to Jordan, because, he said, they were a fifth column. Now, we see how prophetic he was.

  4. deep thinker,you are right. I’ve always wondered if the leftist israelis were involved in Kahane’s assasination. I wouldnt be a bit surprised.

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