VIDEO: Air Raid Siren in Ashkelon


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kassam.jpgVIDEO LINK BELOW: At approximately 5:00AM IL (Monday, January 12), YWN Editor experienced the frightening sound of the “Code Red”.

Fast asleep in the Holiday Inn located in Ashkelon,  the siren woke up the entire hotel, prompting dozens of people to run for cover in the nearest shelter.

No explosion was heard, and the all clear was given a few minutes later.

One can only imagine what it must be like to live in Southern Eretz Yisroel, and wake an entire family during the night (some nights many times), and run into a shelter….

Shortly after YWN and the HEART Team departed Ashkelon to visit a nearby IDF Base, a Grad Rocket scored a direct hit on a home. Bichasdei Hashem, there were no injuries to the two people who were in the home at the time.

YWN VIDEO LINK: Click HERE to watch a video.

(YWN Israel)


  1. History Will Hail Israel For This War Against Evil HAMAS

    When Israel destroyed the French built nuclear facility in Iraq, the world condemn Israel. However, when Gulf War 1 began with a coalition of 29 countries that realized that they were not facing nuclear weapons, the entire world realized that ISRAEL WAS RIGHT and Thank G-d Israel did what was needed in spite of popular opinion.


    1. The terrorists of Gaza have send suicide bombers throughout Israel until Israel sealed the borders and the terror backfired on GAZA costing jobs and imprisoning them.
    2. The terror organizations ONLY agenda is terror, the destruction of Israel along with the murder of ALL Jews and Israelis. To this end they are uncompromising and are willing to murder brother Arabs such as Fatah and sacrifice any and all Gazans without batting an eye lash.

    3 They have launched 8000 rockets at Israel’s civilians over 8 years. Their answer to the UN resolution was to increase their rocket fire.

    4. HAMAS brainwashes their children from infancy, gives them guns for toys, and uses them for Human Shields. Any GAZAN who voluntarily shields terrorists SHOULD BE SHOT, BOMBED, or KILLED without hesitation. I don’t care if they are 6 years old or women. Protect terrorists and you deserve to die. Israel has giving short notice for terrorists to evacuate before they destroy the terrorist’s house. The terrorists have called on civilians to act as human shields. Any person doing so voluntariy should be killed without question.

    HAMAS and IRAN are deathly afraid because they never expected the intense commitment and response to their terror against Israel. The response is an “eye for eye” back at HAMAS which wants to destroy Israel but is now existentially challenged. If Israel destroys and humilates HAMAS, what happens next to Al Qaida, Taliban, and even Iran. So far Israel has backed off under innane public and political pressure. But the is no merit to the anti-war protests. Israel is fully entitled and obligated to protect her people above all else. So now Israel will continue until the goals are met. This terrified HAMAS, Iran, Al Qaida, etc. The outlandish rhetoric will be replaced by enormous humiliation when HAMAS is destroyed and surrenders. This goes against the Arab pride. Never has the situation been better and history with be on our side.

  2. How wrong you are!!

    Israel will always be condemned!

    When a Jew gets killed – no problem, but how daree a jew stand up and defend himself!

    Just listen to news, everyone is showing how terrible Israel is, and how much the civilians are suffering. Where in the media did you find anyone mentioning the fact that children are beeing used as shields? only that Israel killed civilians.

    It is time for Israel to ignore world opinion and do what is good and right for Israel.

    Or to launch a tremendous PR compeign (which, based on history, Israel is not very good at!!)

  3. Why don’t you spend your time arguing over the words of Abaye and Rava rather than argue over what a secular goverment is going to do or is not going to do?