Chareidi Municipal Leaders Seeking Solutions


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yishai1.jpgThe Forum of Chareidi Mayors convened for a first time on Tuesday in the presence of Minister of Industry & Trade, Shas leader Eli Yishai, towards addressing the housing shortage in the chareidi sector.
Various committees a number of months ago presented their plans in the hope of passing them along to chareidi MKs and ministers, addressing the growing shortage of housing in the chareidi sector. A macro plan was discussed to address the shortage, while also including measures to jump-start the economy and provide employment for local residents.
Betar Illit Mayor Rav Meir Rubinstein stated the success to a chareidi city is providing a solution for working parents, a solution that includes daycare. He supports continuing the Industry & Trade Ministry’s plan of opening pocket areas of employment in chareidi communities as well as continued construction of daycare facilities to accommodate the growing number of children.
Modi’in Illit Mayor Rav Yaakov Guterman supports moving to reinstate the government grants for young couples seeking to purchase an apartment.
Bnei Brak Mayor Rav Yaakov Asher stated the chareidi community must obtain a foothold in the Israel Lands Administration, for failure to do so would doom any major project addressing the needs of the chareidi community.
Bet Shemesh Mayor Rav Moshe Abutbul agreed with Asher, stating they must push a land reform package. He expressed his hope that following the election, a chareidi minister will oversee the Ministry of Housing and this will permit moving ahead towards achieving these goals since the minister will also oversee the Israel Lands Administration.
Betar’s mayor also addressed the public transportation issue. He explained that now, Illit Bus Company has taken over the bus routes from Betar Tours. The tender demanded Illit purchase the bulletproof buses that were used.
The buses are old and rundown he explained, resulting in many breakdowns and disruptions in service. He explained that Illit is willing to acquire news buses but there are ministerial issues, with arguments over funding moving from the treasury and IDF Homefront Command.
Yishai promised to make an effort to push the issue along and address it with treasury officials, hoping to secure a budget of NIS 20 million.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)