7,400 Units in Phase 1 of Charish


charedi.jpgSome time ago, YWN reported (HERE) Charish is slated as the next major chareidi community, including 10,000 housing units.
It is now being reported by the daily HaMevaser that Education Minister Prof. Yuli Tami has approved land allocations for kindergartens and schools for the new community. HaMevaser reports the community will contain 15,000 housing units, and the first phase will be 7,400.
The education minister will submit the necessary plans for the school buildings as the community moves ahead and timetables are drawn up for the first stages of construction as well as planned completion dates of the first phase of construction.
The minister’s explanation comes in response to a query posed by MK R’ Meir Porush, who pointed out the new community is now in the advanced planning stage and as such, the various government agencies must move ahead in sync with the Housing Ministry plan. In his letter sent to Minister Tamir and Finance Minister Roni Bar-On about a month ago, Porush points out that the community planning is in the advanced stages and as such, tenders to begin construction will soon be announced.
“It is only natural that plans to be submitted for public buildings, including shuls, schools and daycare centers. In addition, there must be allocations for land and other resources towards the construction of commercial centers to provide employment for the residents of the new community,” Porush adds.
Porush announced that in the ongoing coalition talks, the new planned community will be discussed as part of the solution for the chareidi community’s housing shortage.
It is unacceptable for such a large community to find itself helpless in light of its growing housing needs as the community continues increasing in size annually,” stated Porush, adding he hopes the powers that be will be forthcoming in fulfilling their responsibility to the chareidi community.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)