Welcome to Petra – No Dogs and Jews Allowed


jordan.jpgIsraeli tourists who visited Petra, Jordan, were taken aback to see a number of stores have posted signs “Sorry, we do not receive dogs and Israelis”. Apparently the posting of the signs followed Operation Cast Lead.

Members of the tour group reported they were treated with hostility, with the locals making their ill feelings well-known to them.

The group’s guide returned with photos of the signs. One of the veteran travelers to Petra insists this is the first time he has even encountered such a reprehensible attitude.

Petra is a popular tourist attraction for many visiting the Mideast and a popular destination for many Israelis as well.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Lots of people from Israel go to Petra and spend hard earned money there.

    Want to send a message to these bigots in Jordan? Stop going there and stop spending money there.

  2. Jews have enough tourist attractions that they can and should be proud of. No need to go to hostile countries and give them business.

  3. I am SO shocked!

    I wonder how well Arabs, even if not members of Hamas from Gaza, are received in Sederot?

    Anyone who is surprised appears to be unaware of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs.Perhaps that should be the new definition of “Shoteh”???

  4. Unfortunately there used to be signs on hotels in parts of the U.S. that said “No Blacks, Jews, or Dogs.” Makes you wonder if there were any immigrants from the segregationist South that moved to Jordan….

  5. My Mother had the displeasure of being a Jew in Germany during the Hitlerzeit. As a young girl my Mother would have to ride her bicycle on her way to Yeshiva past stores in the city of Cologne that prominently displayed the following sign in their windows: “Hunden und Juden Verboten”- Dogs and Jews prohibited.

    Sadly not much has changed in 70 years. May Hashem always protect K’lal Yisroel.

  6. A good wake-up call for Jewish tourists that are living in fantasy-land! Face it, most of the world hates us. My personal feeling – who cares? Be at home, visit Eretz Yisrael! Even native-born Israelis can always find a part of Eretz Yisrael that is beautiful and/or historic to visit that they haven’t ever seen before, or haven’t seen in many years. Stop giving Jewish money to our enemies. HaSh-m blessed our avot ba’kol. Everything of beauty and kedusha and worth seeing, is at home!

  7. Yatzmich, if you are not concerned about the anti-semitism in another country then are you concerned with anti-semitism anywhere else?

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    Please refrain from using a condescending tone towards other posters.

  8. I hate to burst the buble of this article, but 14 years ago when I was in Petra (right after the so called peace treaty was signed)those signs and worse were already up.

  9. #9 I like your comment.
    Ok so Jordanians equate us with dogs. Hmmm. I personally believe dogs are on a HIGHER level than Jordanians or any other antisemite. So I guess we shouldn’t be insulted. They are in essence putting us on a higher level than they are.
    But seriously, we must not take these signs lightly or ignore them as #10 suggests. We must be aware of all the hatred against us. We don’t want another holocaust or worse Chas V’shalom.

  10. Hello. I am Jordanian. And I have a few questions for you guys.

    For all of you who started to compare this to the holocaust and the discrimination against Jews in the US etc. The ALLEDGED sign said ‘No Israelis or Dogs allowed’. Not that it makes much of a difference, but this was not directed against Jews for discrimination against their religion, it was a political statement made to show support for Palestinians under discrimination in Israel.

    We have welcomed Israelis in Jordan for years now, and we still do. This sign might not even exist. But from the comments here, I can see that hatred is more than mutual.

    Question, how are Palestinians treated in Israel? Can someone please answer that? How do settlers treat Palestinian children in the west bank? Being caged in that barrier like animals.

    And for those who claimed that this is anti-semitism. Can you please read your sources as Arabs are considered ethnically semite. And hence, Arabs can’t be anti-semites, because they can’t be racist against themselves.

  11. And I think people should be tackling the sickening attitude of Israeli soldiers printing T-shirts that show pride of killing Palestinian children.

    I’m sorry, but that is soo hypocritical of you guys to feel offended by this silly sign in a silly corner shop, when your army shows pride in killing Palestinians.