Israeli Independence Day: The Israeli flag at Ponavez


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pya.jpgThe Israeli flag flown at the Ponavez Yeshiva in Bnei Brak every year on Yom Ha’atzmut.

(Reposted from YWN archives 2008, 2007, & 2006)


  1. Totally meaningless symbol today.

    There are no Zionists left. The secular leaders are auctioning-off the country to the highest bidders–the Vatican (Har Zion), the U.S. (West Bank), and the EU (all of the above), before leaving for paris and points beyond.

  2. A nice sign of achdus, that Ponavez flies the flag of the medina. What would be even nicer would be if the medina would “fly” the Torah of Ponavez!

  3. I understood from an MP3 shuir that I listened to by Rav Berel Wein on “Israel Independence Day” (download from: he asked the Ponvitzer Rav why the flag was flying here.

    The Ponvitzer Rav responded that when the Ponvitz Yeshiva was in Litva, on Litva’s national independence day,the Yeshiva flew Litva’s flag. And he when on to say, is it any worse that Ponvitz Yeshiva here in Eretz Yisrael flies the flag?!