Galil Bedouin Residents Charged in Retaliatory Act


Nine residents of the Israeli Bedouin community of Shfaram have been placed under arrest and will face charges for knocking down an electric pole in the northern area, thereby blocking a main roadway, and then pelting vehicles with rocks, all in retaliation for Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s counter-terror military offensive in Gaza.
The charges against the nine include arson, blocking roads and endangering motorists. The case was cleared for publication today, Sunday, by the Akko Magistrate’s Court. A truck rammed into the pole and was attacked with rocks. A woman motorist was also injured as a result, transported to Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center. 
Police report that on the night of December 30, 2008, Ahmed Yassin (20), Muhammad Kassam Souad (20), Bassam Ahmed Kabiya (18), Shadi Ahmed Genadi (19), Hassan Hamed Souad (20), Azz al-Din Omar Khaledi (18), Allah Jamal Abbas (27), Nuhed Nufid Armeli (21) and Hamzah Ahmed Kabiya (22) carried out their revenge act as the IDF operation in Gaza was underway. It appears the suspects do not have a criminal record. They will be indicted during the course of the week.
They traveled to the area of road near Mitzpei Adi, and in the early morning hours, succeeded in downing the power line and they went to a nearby hill to observe the result of their actions.

Baruch Hashem, no one sustained serious injuries as a result of their actions.
Last week, a gag order was lifted regarding another case, involving four Israeli Arabs from Barata and a Bedouin resident of Kafr Marrar. They have been indicted on conspiracy to attack soldiers and security personnel in retaliation for Operation Cast Lead. Two other Barata residents, 17-year-old minors, were indicted last week on weapons related charges. They are also suspected of preparing ten bombs, some of which were recovered in their homes at the time of their arrests.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)