Two Settlers in Custody for Chawarah Area Road Block


Authorities on Monday have taken two Shomron residents into custody after they blocked a major vehicular artery in the area of Chawarah; a move they explained was in response to the destruction of structures in two communities earlier in the day by Civil Administration officials. They stated the new policy is that any act of destruction of so-called unauthorized outposts will be met by opposition and defiance.

Two such acts were carried out on Monday morning in the Benjamin Regional Council area of Shomron, near Yishuv Shilo, in Adei Ad and Nofei Yarden, with the latter in existence only a number of weeks. Authorities dismantled two huts that were being used at that location.

Eyewitnesses quoted by Makor Rishon explain the number of troops sent for these operations is extreme, stating it appears the Civil Administration is operating “with a vengeance”. In this morning’s case, they report “10 vans of Yassam [commando forces] in addition to a bus of border police, as well as two bulldozers and many police cars”.

The Benjamin Council Vaad feels this strong-arm tactics may be a response to a recent complaint filed against a Civil Administration official, who allegedly ran over an Adei Ad resident. The complaint also alleged the Civil Administration agents trying taking some of their property, a detail that was omitted from the original YWN report. The vaad members cited the “gallantry” of the Civil Administration agents when they are dealing with Jewish structures, adding “they are however cowards when it comes to addressing the widespread illegal Arab construction”.

The vaad members add that the action at Nofei Binyamin were also retaliatory after police arrived last week with seven Arabs, which was followed by an attempted terrorist infiltration into the community. The community filed a complaint with police over the incident in which police arrived with the Arabs. Vaad members remind the media that MK Uri Ariel raised the incident in Knesset and “now, suddenly, the Civil Administration appears on the scene”.

Eretz Yisrael Faithful members announced that the “efforts by the right-wing government to destroy their settlement efforts will not succeed. Am Yisrael will continue to build and settle”.

In a somewhat related matter, Peace Now director Yariv Oppenheim on Monday called on police “to take off the gloves” and take whatever means necessary to halt “settler violence”, responding to a reported fire in Shomron near Yishuv Yitzhar, which authorities feel may have been started by Jews in proximity to an Arab village.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)