Nachal Chareidi Soldiers Operating in a ‘Hot’ Sector


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nc.jpgNachal Chareidi (Netzach Yisrael) soldiers today find themselves in the ‘busiest hottest’ sector, Gaza, haven proven their abilities over the years operating in the Jordan Valley sector and more recently along the northern border in the Har Dov area.

According to the brigade commander, Colonel Moti Baruch, while the Gaza area appears quite today, this is a misconception. He points out that a week does not pass without shooting incidents or combat across the border fence. He is proud of his soldiers, who continue to exhibit a commendable level or excellence.

He points out that following the Second Lebanon War, the Nachal Chareidi Brigade earned nine citations and medals, including the prestigious “Itur” and “Mofait” commendations. 

In short, over the years, the relatively new fighting unit in the IDF comprised of frum soldiers has taken up its place alongside the veteran units, proving they can do it too, with an added focus on adherence to shmirat mitzvot.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. I think it is safe to say that THESE soldiers will NOT be expelling fellow Jews from their homes!!! Hal’vai that all the chayalim in Tzaha”l had the hashkafot of this group.

  2. Yediot took a poll during the Disengagement, asking how many of the Nahal Charedi soldiers would refuse orders and evict the Jews of Gaza. Over %95, myself included, said that they would rather go to jail than help Sharon and his cohorts. So, the army didn’t send us, because if we WOULD have refused orders, then they would have had to dismantle the unit, something they did not want to do. Anyway, our unit was shortstaffed as many of the soldiers were given leave for a couple of months to help their families move to various hotels. And then move again and again…
    I have full confidence that the next time the government will ask my unit to do something that is against the Torah, they will happily refuse.
    Those boys are among the bravest and holiest of our nation. May Hashem continue to give them the special protection that he has given them and watch over all of the soldiers in all of Israel, almost 1939 years afterwe were “disengaged” by the One above.

  3. My son is currently serving in Nachal Chareidi. It is a unit that fights and learns, proving that it is possible to be frum and defend Israel.