Separate Beach in Eilat


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For the first time, there is now a separate swimming beach available in Eilat for the enjoyment of the frum community. Channel 1 TV News reported on Wednesday night that the city’s first separate beach is scheduled to open next week.

There will be a three-meter high mechitza separating the men’s and women’s areas. The beach is being opened at a cost of NIS 3 million in response to growing requests from city residents.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. With a jewish mayor and a jewish senator and a jewish ex governor you would think that they would at least look out for the thousands of frum jews that cannot go to the beach in 95 degree temperature. I guess they’re waiting for dave greenfield to suggest it. Until then they all have to sweat it out in the city. With thousands of miles of coastland there does not exist one in the us. Probably because everybody has a pool in his backyard. The state would save on healthcare alone if our constituency were able to swim in the summer.

  2. #1- It is not life threatening to not be able to go to the beach in the summer. If you feel it is so, move to Eilat! Dont be self-centered. If they opened a frum beach, they would have to make one for every sect. Unless you would want goyim dressed very untzniusly on each side of the beach. We cannot, in America, discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion ect. By making one section of the beach “men only” or “women only” or “jews only”, why that makes it seem like the 40s- “White people only”…

  3. havesomeseichel why don’t you havesomeseichel. You for sure swim somewhere. Because if indeed you stayed the entire summer in the city you would not be taking such a ridiculous approach. Unzenistic people do not come to a separate beach. Why in the world would they. And of course you have the bright idea to answer that maybe they are perverted. Once again you are not focusing. These kind of people don’t want to hang out with hasidim or other orthodox jews. And why is this discrimination against women to have a men’s beach or vice versa ? Don’t we have mens bathrooms and mens changing rooms and mens locker rooms? Is that discriminitory? havesomeseichel. Who said religious goyim shouldn’t come ? Frum jews represent a noteworthy percentage of the population and together with other modest goyim should have a place to swim. What is a couple of blocks when we have thousands of miles. Can’t the state or city designate a thousandth of one per cent for the sake of a couple hundred thousand people? In the early 1900’s women didn’t dress like this in front of men. When the constitution was written for sure not. Democracy never implied lewdness! Many goyim. pools have separate swimming hours and its not discriminatory at all.

  4. Does it have to be life threatening for the government to do something? You see clearly the gov’t goes out of its way and burdens the majority to impose affirmative action for certain minorities. There isn’t a day that goes by that they don’t invent another program for their large minorities. Not because its life and death but just to make their quality of life better. Meanwhile quality of life for small minorities is all of a sudden discrimination against some idiot that wants to dress parutz on a beach with the same gender.