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Obama Continues Promoting his Anti-Israel Policy; Appoints Chuck Hagel

obis.jpgFor those who may still have had a doubt, US President Barak Obama’s latest appointment sends a clear message regarding the White House’s change in policy vis-à-vis America’s long-standing special relationship with Israel. In short, it appears the courtship has come to an abrupt end with the election of the inexperienced junior senator.

President Barak has appointed outspoken anti-Israel former senator, Chuck Hagel, to serve as the co-chairman of the president’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

Hagel’s feelings towards Israel, or perhaps his strong pro-Arab policy can best be summed up by his address to last week’s first J Street conference in Washington, during which he stressed that America’s special relationship with Israel mustn’t be maintained at the expense of “our Arab relationships”.

Hagel’s views regarding Israel are well-documented, stemming from his questioning loyalty of American Jews, as well as criticizing former President George W. Bush’s decision refusing to meet with arch terrorist Yasser Arafat.

The Zionist Organization of America has already released a statement expressing protest over the appointment, calling on President Obama to rescind his decision.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. i’m going to play devil’s advocate (or really democrats advocate)israel needs this in order to realize that they can’t trust anyone (even the U.S. and should stop depending on them (which in essence makes them weaker) one will never learn how to ride a bike if theres someone else holding on the whole time the person holding on has to let go

  2. I see a silver lining in all of this. As a result of this and similar open changes on the ground, Israel will have to be more cautious, because the myth that Israel can take chances and the United States is going to come to its aid in time of disaster cannot be take anymore at face value. All past guarantees fall flat on its face. If Israel insisted on a disarmed Palestinian state, and that was with “American guarantees”, now that all guarantees are not really guaranteed anymore, Israel will surely not agree to an armed Palestinian State. The Arabs surely won’t agree with this, as they will insist on a Palestinian state armed to its teeth; so the situation becomes a stalemate, which is by far the better of all option available until Moshach comes.

  3. #4 mbachur, I’m glad we think alike, and as the saying goes “az tzvei zoogen shiker, darf men zich leigen shloofen. Hope the shiker (Israeli government) is listening, and should put these crazy ideas (of a Palestinan state) to rest.

  4. Let’s not get too scared.

    There might as well be somebody, somewhere, on Obama’s staff who can’t pass the white-glove test on support of Israel. Otherwise the Arabs will scream even more.

    Obama’s support of Israel is actually on an uptick since he gave us a pass on the settlement freeze.

    Obama tends to do what he wants anyway. He fancies himself quite well informed and he often pushes advisers away and makes up his own mind. Then he tells the news to say the advisers did it, in typical Machiavellian style.

    And the Israel/Pal issues are so in-your-face in the media today that it’s impossible to imagine that Hagel is going to provide Obama with any new ideas.

  5. obama is an anti-semite and the liberal Jews should stop vting for him and his friends. The liberal believe it will make the goyim love them.
    The goyim loved them, they loved them to death in spain, in roman, in poland, in ukraine i germany.
    The more you wanted them to love you the more they HATE you. Stop voting the liberal madness

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