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Dozens of Kevarim Vandalized on Har HaZeisim

kdo.jpgOnce again, the family of a niftar buried in Har HaZeisim was horrified to arrive at the kever to view the wanton destruction of dozens of tombstones, some now serving stray dogs seeking protection from the winter cold. Police have been notified, as was the case repeatedly in countless other occurrences.

Askan Rav Chaim Miller visited the beis chaim after receiving calls regarding the alarming situation, describing the scene as “shocking” and “horrifying”, widespread destruction for the sake of destruction.

Miller, a former Jerusalem deputy mayor, indicated he will not permit this situation to continue, demanding the powers that be take appropriate action to ensure the proper dignity for the beis chaim as well as the safety of visitors, who frequently come under rock-throwing attacks from the area Arab residents.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. It is a sad day when in Artzeinu Hakodesh, and with a government that whether you agree with it or not is Jewish, neither our living nor are dead can be secure, the churban is still with us

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