Israeli Firm Responsible for Amsterdam Airport Security Where Terrorist Boarded Aircraft


tsa1.jpgAn Israeli firm is responsible for security inspections in the airport in Schiphol, Holland, the airport where Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded the Airbus 330 heading for Detroit (USA). The Israeli company, ICTS, is reportedly one of the leaders in security, & operates in Amsterdam and a number of other European countries.

ICTS was established in 1982 and today employs 11,000 security personnel in 22 countries. Many airports and airlines seek the Israeli expertise and opt for ICTS to provide security for passengers and employees.

According to Rom Langer, the director of the company, who granted Channel 2 News an interview on motzei shabbos, the terrorist did undergo a security inspection in Amsterdam, but he does not have the information pertaining to the inspection.

When asked about the fact that the suspect attempted to set fire to the aircraft, Langer responded, “You too can set the seat on fire, using a lighter”.

Schiphol is among the busiest airports in Europe, with many passengers from Africa and Asia passing through, making their way to North America. Security is reportedly stringent, and passengers are limited regarding quantities of liquids and other substances permitted on a flight.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. “You too can set the seat on fire, using a lighter”.

    Interesting, aren’t lighters one of the items that are supposed to be surrendered at embarkation?

  2. Either this is a massive bungling or the Israeli security firm is during inspections based on guidelines from the particular airport. No matter how you look at it, it is a massive chilul Hashem of the first proportion.

  3. Flatbush Bubby
    with all due respect to a grandmother , have you ever learned the halochos of chilul hashem to say that this is the case of one or are you just letting us know your personal feelings concerning this matter . if you would please be so kind and tell us all what the massive chilul Hashem of the first proportion is over here . it is very easy to make a blanket statement , now please explain.

  4. For a Jewish or Israeli firm to fail so obviously is yes a chilul Hashem. Now the gentiles of the world will be able to point fingers and say what type of yutzes the Israelis are and they can not be trusted with airport security.

    I think it is obvious yosse or are you just trying to put me on the spot. Please explain yourself shaifele.

  5. Flatbush Bubby
    I think it is obvious yosse or are you just trying to put me on the spot. Please explain yourself.
    you made the statement about chilul hashem not me , by making such a statement in a public fourm you are the one who is badmouthing something and not explaing yourself , therefore you are the one who should be doing the explaining and answering my question which i will be so kind to repeat again .
    have you ever learned the halochos of chilul hashem to say openly when there is a chilul Hashem or not . all you have to do , is answer the question
    what you should realy be asking is as follows , how can such a person get on a plain when they knew beforhand that this person was bad.

  6. Yosse, I already explained myself.

    YonasonW, sure I am a frustrated bochur. No wonder I am always making sure my head is covered to hide all of the bald spots.

    Mark Levin, I think you are one of the few bloggers that I refuse to hock. You stand head and shoulders above me in brains.

  7. Yosse, I already explained myself.
    you did not explain yourself and you still did not answer the question and if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen .
    you want to give an opinion thats is fine and then say that this is your opinion and thats fine , however when you make a blanket statement without backing it up then in my humble opinion there is a problem weather you agree or not , and that is my opinion.

  8. Yosse…How old are you? what grade did you finish last year? did you write board a “PLAIN”? and you’re bashing others who are waaaaaay older and maturer than you’ll ever be?? Yosse, you need to grow up!!

  9. “You too can set the seat on fire using a lighter”. These are the kinds of ridiculous answers that Israelis give. I despise smoking. One time, when I was at an Israeli wedding in Israel, I saw someone smoking which is the norm in Israel to smoke in wedding halls. I requested of the person not to smoke because it bothers me. What was his answer to me? “Over there they are cooking; that is also smoke”. This is the mentality in Israel that I have suffered with for years living in Israel. In America, those who smoke admit that it is NOT healthy & are trying to quit. In Israel, they try to find excuses for what is unhealthy & unsafe.