MDA United Hatzolah Dispute Impacts Patient Care


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ich.jpgThe dispute between the nation’s primary emergency medical service provider, Magen David Adom, and United (Ichud) Hatzolah is far from over, and according to some, is escalating to new heights, involving harassment and threats.

According to a report, in this week’s shooting death of an IDF soldier by another soldier in a Beersheva Mall as was reported by YWN-Israel, United Hatzolah (UH) paramedic Yuval Yirmiyahu was first on the scene and he began treating the gravely wounded soldier. When Negev District MDA Commander Yehuda Sasson arrived on the scene, he physically dragged him from the scene, leading to the filing of a formal complaint.

According to Yirmiyahu, since the incident, he is being harassed in the form of telephone calls, prompting him to file a police complaint. Today, the threats reached a new height, when Yirmiyahu’s wife opened their mailbox, only to find an envelope containing a bullet on a blank sheet of paper exhibiting the logo of MDA in the southern district. According to the medic, his wife had just returned from taking their daughter to daycare when she got the letter from the mailbox, shocked to find what was contained inside.

The letter and bullet were submitted to police as evidence as the investigation continues.

(Yechiel Spira / Eli Gefen – YWN Israel)


  1. i heard the following story from the owner of a shop this week and i think its nogeia to this article: 15 years ago someone opened a fast food place selling the same exact thing he was selling, across the street. he went to HGR’M Eliahu very worried about his parnassa. The rav told him ‘ if his intentions are pure , you will both have parnassa. but if he is trying to put you out of business, only your buisness will remain. so either way, you have nothing to worry about!’ a few months later the other guy closed shop. and he is still in business.

    let this be a lesson to us all.

  2. not that threatening is a good thing or anything even near it but this is what happens when a “hatzalah” org decides that they want to make their hatzalh work into profit. they should stay as a VOL. hatzalah and all the issues will go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. daboss , what i am saying is that if things are done lshem shomayim, one has nothing to worry about. and uchud hatzala does leshem shomayim so i say they will have hatzlacha. thats what i learned from the story i shared.


  4. Farfrumt… you did say Kapeesh, didnt you? when I was growing up, only the Italian goons used that lingo as an intimidationary statement….I’m not really sure where yor handle fits the phrase. Are you farfrumt or are you a gangster? Based on your written tone, I’d be prepared to bet that you drive a black car with tinted windows and are one of those cool guys with an attitude who has little clue as to the inner workings of organizations like Hatzalah.