Miami: Muslim Man Threatens To Kill Jews; Removed From Airplane


arrest2.jpgA Muslim man was removed from an airplane in Miami International Airport, after he stated “I want to kill all the Jews.”

The AP is reporting that late Wednesday evening, a Northwest Airlines flight heading from Miami to Detroit turned around while still on the runway, after 43-year-old Mansor Mohammad Asad started yelling anti-Jewish slurs.

Asad, who is a resident of Toledo, Ohio, claimed to be Palestinian in his hateful, and disruptive rant.

He was removed by Miami-Dade Police Officers, and faces several charges including disorderly conduct. Additionally, the TSA says that three people flying with Asad were removed for questioning as well.

The plane was searched, and permitted to fly to Detroit.

(Eli Gefen – YWN)


  1. Chances are nothing will be done to this nutcase because he didn’t “do anything yet”. Very scary!!!! Thank goodness he was stupid enough to start ranting BEFORE they took off – giving the Police the opportunity to get him off the plane.

  2. “he stated “I want to kill all the Jews”
    The poor guy probably didn’t realize that some people might frown on that.
    Very understandable considering the attitude of much of the world these days.

  3. I flew from the UK into Detroit in the summer. There are so many muslims that the signs in the airport Immigration hall are in English & Arabic. No other languages! Even the video they show about what papers you need has arabic sub titles

  4. Detroit has the largest arab population outside the middle east, not necessarily muslim. Translations are made available to accomodate the local population as i’m sure you would find spanish dominating the local miami area, for example.

  5. You know why the Ai Rabs chose Detroit? because the real estate in in DER ERD there. It’s business, stupid! Makes it easy for them to practically buy out the whole town,almost as bad as Florida.