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NY Based Credit Card Firm Linked To Dubai Hit

A New York-based firm that provided suspects in the assassination of a senior Hamas commander in Dubai with credit cards has ties to former Israeli military officials, according to new details of the stunning plot.

Dubai police, who say the murder was carried out by an Israeli hit team, said most of the prepaid credit cards used to purchase air tickets and book hotels for the attack were issued by an Iowa bank, Metabank.

Metabank, in turn, got the cards from privately held Payoneer, which has a Park Avenue office and a research-and-development center in Tel Aviv, Israel, authorities said.

Payoneer’s CEO is Yuval Tal, a former member of the Israeli special forces, according to Fox News, which used him as a commentator during Israel’s 2006 war with Hezbollah.

“It’s a war that they cannot lose,” Tal said on Fox at the time.

Payoneer has other Israeli ties.

Among its investors is Greylock Partners, which hired a former Israeli army intelligence officer, Moshe Mor, to head its expansion into Israel in 2003.

Other financial backers of Payoneer are Israeli-based Carmel Ventures and Crossbar Capital, whose co-founder previously headed an Israeli venture-capital firm.

After the Dubai hit, Payoneer said it was cooperating in the investigation. Yesterday, a spokeswoman for the firm said Tal was unavailable and that the company “is providing no further comment on the matter.”


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  1. 1. The Dubai police are hardly a reliable source.
    If someone else (rival Palestinians, Iranians, smugglers who have been double crossed) wanted to frame the Israelis, the Dubai police wouldn’t do anything to get in the way.

    2. The firm is in the business of providing ways to pay employees overseas. If Iranian intelligence walked in (without saying who they were), they could just as easily arrange for the company to give payment cards to their employees. Indeed, if someone other than the Israelis were involved, it would be logical for them to use an Israeli company.

    3. Unless the Mossad was trying to be caught, they wouldn’t use an Israeli firm for something so easy to trace.

  2. and my cousin’s sister-in-laws first husband’s mother has a dog that was owned by an Israeli that had an uncle who works for Mossad. Seriously!

  3. #3, that’s interesting. My cousin’s sister-in-laws husband’s mother also had a dog that was owned by an Israeli that had an uncle who works for Mossad. I find this highly suspicious and I think that the Dubai police better investigate the link between us. What nationality passport does your relative’s dog possess?

  4. If 3 dogs (including the dog with the passport) carried 3 sacks each, and each of the sacks contains 3 cats and each cat had 3 kittens. how many legs in all? can Du*bai police figure this one out?

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