Chareidim Community Unwanted in Nachal I’ron Area


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Several tens of protestors were on hand in the Nachal I’ron (Wadi Ara) area of northern Israel, the site of the planned chareidi community of Harish. The new community is planned to be the home to 100,000 residents, but protestors explain the move contradicts planning board recommendations and it will compromise the nature areas of the area.

Protesting in the Barkai Junction areas, participants in the event stated they simply do not see how the Housing Ministry approved the community for 100,000, a reality that will negatively impact the entire region. They explain the Housing Ministry, headed by Shas, has ignored a district planning board recommendation stating the new community mustn’t exceed 60,000 residents.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. I fully agree with the protesters.

    100,000 is simply too much. Make it 50,000 at most – similar to Beitar Illit, Modi’in Illit and Ramat Beit Shemesh. Just create a few more cities, similar to Beitar Illit and Modi’in Illit – perhaps 2 in the Galil, 1 in the Negev.

  2. Amazing how Orthodox Jews are not supposed to live anyhwere, not in the ‘territories’ and not anywhere else.

    Welcome to the Jewish land.

  3. #2 and #3, that is absolutely not the issue for me and for many of those who are opposed, including the SPNI.

    The issue is that establishing a city with 100,000 inhabitants in a protected natural reserve is bad and we oppose that. Chareidim tend to hate anything green (grass, trees, forests, parks) and prefer to destroy it to build more ugly square concrete buildings. Face it, that’s the truth.

    You are forgetting the background here.

    A few years ago, an Arab village next to Harish wanted to expand and requested permission from the government to build a new neighborhood in this area. This request was DENIED, on grounds of the area being a nature reserve.

    Now suddenly, when it is for 100,000 Jews (instead of 2000 Arabs) it is permitted??!!

    If I were an Arab I would be MAD. Israel cannot behave like this! If we behave like this towards the Arabs, we should expect nothing less from them in return.

  4. If it is a “nature” preserve then it should be off limits for any builduing at all including for any non Frum communities, but it seems there already is a secular community there.

    So saying “we can be here but ‘you’ can’t is not right.

    The Arabs in their own countries openly steal land bought legally by Jews so they already dpo far worse then that and Israel is by far the tiniest country in the Middle East and one of the
    50 tiniest on the planet.

    If religious Jews can’t live and build frum commnunities in Isreal, that is the same as saying such communities have no right to exist.