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Many Yomtov Cancellations in S. Israel Ahead of Yomtov

The recent increase in rocket attacks and fatal attacks along the Gaza border has resulted in many families canceling yomtov plans, including seder night and chol Hamoed trips.

Residents of the areas admit that even family members have decided to make alternative arrangements, unwilling to subject themselves to the dangers of incoming rockets, as has been the case over recent weeks on shabbos.

Residents lament the returning reality, the beginning of the isolationism that existed prior to Operation Cast Lead as people simply do not wish to ‘take the risk’, minute as it may be. They realize that the rocket attacks have returned to their lives and so have the consequences, pained at the realization that many families will not be together on seder night since families are unwilling to travel south.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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