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Where Did Holyland Go in the Chareidi Media?

What do Thursday editions of Hamodia, Yated, and HaMevaser have in common you ask – the fact that the Holyland investigation which is front page news nationwide is conspicuously missing.

The reports are very calculated at best, with the three dailies not speaking of the arrest of former Mayor R’ Uri Lupoliansky and Yated makes no mention of the former senior Degel HaTorah official.

According to a report, HaMevaser was cautious, fearing a story would be interpreted as revenge by R’ Meir Porush against Lupoliansky, leading to the Betar Illit staff’s decision to scrap the story.

Truth be said, the arrest of the former chareidi mayor has rocked the chareidi community to its core. HaMevaser staff did meet to discuss the matter on Wednesday, and they decided it was best to ignore the story to avoid the appearance of celebrating the downfall of a senior Degel official. Chareidi media agencies, electronic and cellular, are busying themselves monitoring gag orders, each wishing to be the first to release the names of the latest suspects taken into custody.

The weeklies however have a more determined journalistic approach, and the news was carried on Thursday. According to reliable leaks, the story will also appear in weekend editions of at least some of the three dailies, now aware they can no longer avoid the investigation, which continues to snowball and unfortunately, bring greater involvement in the chareidi community.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

11 Responses

  1. The bigger question is…….
    Why Are You Discussing It??
    You dont post most of the other Loshon Hora that can be found on other sites??

  2. Other chareidi blogs are no longer reporting this story. What is theyeshivaworld’s view on lashon hara vs lashon hara letoeles? Yeshivaworld does not report on frum people who committed other crimes, unlike other blogs. Mai ulmei hai mehei? If we need to know what involves the chareidi community, then report all stories. If ywn is worried about it may not be toeles, skip this one as well.

  3. Am I the only one who nostalgically recalls the days of the Monsey meat scandal when YW was extremely careful about what was posted and if I’m not mistaken even closed the comment section?

  4. the above comments are just symptomatic of chareidi conduct when faced with civil and finacial crimes of some of their own. just bury your head in the sand and hope it goes away….sadly, this only gives our enemies ammunition to describe us as crooks and thieves. the yeshiva world reports NEWS. This is BIG NEWS.

  5. #4 We can assume from the name of this site that it conforms to Halacha. If a publication of a news item is forbidden according to halacha, then the importance of that item or the consequences of not publishing it is quite irrelevant.

  6. It has been censored – just like YWN does.

    They do not want their people to see that others are fallible… (I’ll be surprised if you print this.)

  7. If the charges are false, the case should be reported and publicized. Failing to report them amounts to agreeing with the Israeli prosecutor. Thus one can conclude the the media that aren’t discussing the case, believe the charges to be true.

  8. #8 – Being innocent doesn’t provide immunity from prosecution, especially if you are Hareidi.

    #10 – the corruption of the Israeli legal system is not our dirty laundry – it’s their’s, and it needs to be aired in public

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