Israeli Independence Day: The Israeli flag at Ponavez


The Israeli flag flown at the Ponavez Yeshiva in Bnei Brak every year on Yom Ha’atzmut.

(Reposted from YWN archives 2009, 2008, 2007, & 2006)


  1. This is called Hakarat Ha’Tov! If you live in a country and are protected by its solders and enjoy the benefits… Then you can say Thank you.

  2. see? proof that a little achdus, a little hakaras hatov is the correct thing. keeps peace between us. now if only Idoit achronot could pick up the story instead of hunting for flag burners and siren disregarders. that would be a nice.

    by the way wise YWN readers, does anyone know if this was rav shach ztzl’s decision?

  3. The Povezizer Rav, Rav Kahana was reported to have said (with regard to hallel), I do exactly as Ben Gurion does, I don’t say tachanun and I don’t say hallel on yom atzmo’ut.

  4. Rav Kahaneman, the Ponovizer Rav was quoted as asying that,when located in Poland, on Polish Independence day, the Ponovizer Yeshiva flew the flag of Poland. It’s a big question as to who is behind the chilul Hashem that emanates from the flag-burning perpitrators.

  5. They live there under the Israeli Govt. protection, so it makes sense that they fly the flag to indicate their hakaras hatov to the government they live under.

  6. Does Yom Ha’atzmut override Sefiras Haomer in Ponavez, therefore making it permissible to have live music and a celebration?

  7. Firstly, kol hakovod to those who fly the Israeli flag as an hakoros hatov to the country which subsidizes our learning and which defends us against the Arab world.

    Secondly, to our brothers in Ramat Bet Shemesh and Jerusalem, you don’t need to fly a flag if you don’t wish but your behavior is appalling, embarrassing and neged haTorah – don’ participate in celebrations but also don’t destroy the property of others in the process.

  8. dear chashuva yid- it is not “sefiras haomer” that it overrides…we count all the time. You meant the prohibitions of that time of the “sefiras haomer”. there are a number of thesuvos on that matter so familiarize yourself with them and then you cana aks the question again.