VIDEO: Wearing a White Shirt for Gilad Shalit


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[VIDEO FROM NOAM SHALIT BELOW] A Rishon L’Tzion college rally was held on behalf of Gilad Shalit on Tuesday, with his father Mr. Noam Shalit addressing the event. He pointed out that his son has been in Hamas captivity for over 1,400 days and nights. Today has been billed a “day in white” for Gilad, and event participants and tens and tens of thousands of Israelis around the country wore white shirts in a showing of solidarity with Gilad.

Interestingly, the event was promoted by one man, a waiter from Beersheva, Ilan Spector, not the Shalit campaign or any organization. Mr. Shalit pointed out what one determined person can do by using his keyboard.

University officials told Shalit that based on Facebook responses and other efforts, they believe that literally hundreds of thousands of Israelis wore white today as they continue working towards Gilad’s safe return home.

Click HERE to watch a 4 minute clip of Noam Shalit (in English) taken last week.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Another way to show chizuk to the Shalits is to view the video. I got an email last night to spread the word as there were only 200 hits. Now it’s over 3,000.