Feiglin’s Battle Gaining Momentum in the Int’l Media


The Israeli and American media woke up on Monday to the extensive media coverage pertaining to Moshe Feiglin’s battle against Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s proposed amendment to the Likud constitution. This proposed amendment would effectively permanently cancel elections for the Likud Central Committee, turn this all-important governing council into no more than a rubber stamp and pave the way for Netanyahu’s retreat from Jerusalem, Yehuda and Shomron.

All of this is to be done under the prime minister’s smokescreen of his declarations of loyalty to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish People.  Ironically, Netanyahu’s declarations of loyalty to the Jewish Holy City come as reports leak of his promises to the White House to impose a construction freeze in the capital.

The Likud’s own Constitution states that one of the objectives of the Likud party is:

Preserving the right of the Jewish Nation to the Land of Israel as an eternal, inalienable right, perseverance in the settlement and development of all parts of the Land of Israel and implementation of the State’s sovereignty on them.

It is not certain why Netanyahu aims to run away from his own party’s official platform, but if one looks at his past and present actions there can be no mistaking that this is his intention. Netanyahu seemingly lacks the courage to try to change the passage mentioned above directly. He proposes to do so in a backhanded manner. The vote on this amendment will only simply ask existing Central Committee members if they would like to lengthen their stay in office without facing re-election.

In essence, the prime minister, in his capacity as Likud leader, is solely appealing to the greed of the Central Committee members. He understands that the strongest battle against Ariel Sharon’s Destruction of Gush Katif came from his own Likud Central Committee and Bibi wishes to avoid this battle at all costs when he will attempt shortly to destroy the Jewish biblical heartland. All polls show that in a fair election, the make-up of the Central Committee will shift rightward, making Bibi’s attempted division of Israel that much harder.

An Israeli district court has already ruled that this is completely illegal and would make a mockery of whatever one calls “Israeli democracy”. However, the left-leaning Israeli Supreme Court has permitted Netanyahu to attempt his destruction of his political opposition and of Israeli democracy in one fell swoop.

Voting on the proposed amendment will take place this Thursday. If the prime minister is unsuccessful, the vote must be held in the coming weeks. Should he succeed, it would deliver another blow to the Manhigut Yehudit faction and the true followers of the principles on which Likud was founded.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. He might be better off and form his own party and get elected Prime Minister (he anyone supports his position). He’s like a “Tea party” person trying to take over the Democrats. Likud has always been an establishment mutli-ethnic secular party, and has never been an ethnocentric or religious party.

  2. A quick Google News search suggests that the international attention (or at least the only time the name Feiglin is mentioned on an online news source outside of Israel in the past 24 hours that is not this website) to this story is limited to a Reuters article that is on the Washington Post website, but does not appear to have been run in the paper. While I’m not sure what it would look like if the international media woke up to extensive media coverage, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t look like that.

  3. 1. Where did this info come from? 2. It definitely does not seem that Bibi wants to “divide the Biblical land”, especially after seeing what Barkat told Fox News and the LA Times earlier today? Why does it seem that EVERYONE is having a war on Bibi? To me it seems that the Maees Satan of Sheker is fighting against Emes, which as of now seems to be the derech that Bibi is following. I think we should remember why we are in Aveiluos during Sefira and why we Still are in Galus. If we focus on that we would be Much better off.

  4. Why would people outside Israel be interested in how a political party there organizes its own internal affairs? Besides, the Likud Central Committee is not the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and nor should it use it as a model!