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Attorney General: Gabi Gazit Will Not be Questioned by Police

It appears that if one wishes to lash out at a sector in Israeli society, one may do so freely as long as the verbal attack is against chareidim and settlers. State Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has announced that after reviewing the case involving radio host Gabi Gazit, he does not see any reason for police to become involved.

Gazit earlier this month dedicated a significant portion of his remarks on Nonstop Radio to insulting chareidim, referring to them as “parasites and leeches” as was reported by YWN-Israel.

In his response to demands that legal action be taken against Gazit for violating laws prohibiting incitement, the assistant district attorney wrote seeking to pursue a legal case would be problematic, and possibly set a precedent. He feels it may lead to complaints and counter-complaints from different segments of society, indicating in this case, police involvement is uncalled for.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. If someone in Israel would dare announce “Arabs are parasites and leeches” or “Secular Israelis are parasites and leeches” he can expect herds of police with the yassam police hounding him without mercy and the hysterical judges, headed by Beinish herself, fuming with rage and sentencing him and his family for lifetime behind bars and his house destroyed. This is liberal secular anti chareidi Israel at its best.

  2. but Herzl felt the same way – the whole idea of zionism was to “cure” the hareidim by making them into good, western, “normal” people (you know, like the Germans)

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