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30 Percent Increase in Dairy Product Sales Expected for Shavuos

As Shavuos approaches, the nation’s dairy companies are working to prepare for a predicted 30% increase in demand ahead of yomtov. Israel Dairy Council officials released the figure on Monday, adding the most popular cheese sold in the country remains the 5% white soft cheese.

Council official Shaike Drori is proud of the industry, which he explains offers a wide array of products to meet the demands of the most challenging palate.

In 2009, Israel produced 1.118 million liters of cow milk involving 115,000 milk cows. In addition, there were 9.5 million liters of sheep milk and 10 million liters of goat milk produced. 77,000 tons of spreadable white cheeses were produced; alongside 341,000 liters of drinkable milk products; 23,500 tons of hard cheeses including 2.200 tons of goat cheeses. 

The average Israeli consumes 176 liters of dairy products annually as compared to a European average of 290 liters, and in the USA, 257 liters.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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