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‘Jewish Terrorist Teital on a Hunger Strike

Yaakov Teital, the Shomron residents facing murder and other charges for his alleged acts against Arabs has launched a hunger strike, insisting he must receive mehadrin food, which to date is not being provided by prison officials.

Teital insists that his level of yiddishkheit is chareidi, and as such, he is entitled to food under the supervision of the Eida Chareidit. After being categorized as psychologically unfit to stand trial, he has been placed in a special wing, which apparently is not accommodating his kashrut demands.

Teital was arrested on October 7, 2009 in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood, found to be carrying a handgun with a bullet chambered.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

4 Responses

  1. its pretty sad if here in israel they aren’t willing to accomodate frum ppl. they should give it to him.

    any type of petition online or anything in his defense?

  2. and no i am not saying he is innocent because he is chareidi.

    but (1) how many arab terrorists actually stay in jail after murdering someone?! almost none- most get let out within a few hours. (2) we can assume that most of the ppl he killed were not innocent in which case he was doing what the rest of us wish we can do. the israeli police should have turned a blind eye.

  3. If he is really Charedi, he will get his Mehadrin food, I can not believe it is that hard.

    The problem is that the guy is really crazy and you can’t trust a word he say. Even if the ppl he is suspected of killing were not “Tsadikim”, was he allowed to do what he did?

    I as a person living in Israel, would not like to think that this man is out roaming the streets, I am sure he would be behind bars in the US as well, Would you, numbe 2 want him walking around in YOUR neighborhood???

  4. all the arabs who are walking around killing ppl and teaching their kids to murder us- do you want them walking around in your neighborhood?!

    I am just making a point that all the arab/palestenian terorrists are walking around free to kill more ppl. If this person is mentally unwell, he should get care. But why should we imprison someone on our side.

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