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Israeli Arab Sector to Observe General Strike

MK Mohammad Barakeh told Israel Radio following a meeting of Israeli Arab leaders in Um el-Fahm that the Israeli Arab community on Tuesday, June 1st, with observe a general strike in light of the barbaric actions of the IDF regarding the Gaza flotilla.

Barakeh opts to ignore the weapons found on the vessel, the attacks against naval commandos, stating “one who decides to kill innocent civilians can also lie in reports”, accusing Israel and the IDF of shooting down humanitarian activists seeking to break the Gaza embargo.

Members of the right-wing camp explain that today’s events, and more importantly, the response of Arab lawmakers, is yet another proof of the illusion lived by the left-wing, the so-called loyalty of Israeli Arab citizens, who jump at every opportunity to attack Israel from within and to call on the international community to condemn Israel and implement sanctions. The Arab lawmakers who released statements on Monday, including el-Sana, Barakeh, and Tibi, reject the accuracy of IDF reports, the military spokesman, and even the most senior government ministers, preferring to present this as yet another unprovoked Israeli attack against innocent peace activists seeking to assist the underprivileged of Gaza.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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