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Palestinians mark Annual Prisoners Day

terrorists 2.jpgThousands of Palestinians have held rallies in the West Bank and Gaza to mark the annual Prisoners Day. The day commemorates more that 9,000 Palestinian detainees who being held in Israeli jails. Prime Minister Ismail Haniya described the prisoners as heroes and said that gaining their freedom was a priority for his government. (BBC)


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  1. We of course dont kow the individual reasons for detention of the prisoners and can only believe Israel that they are ALL held for good reasons (as I’m sure most are), but for the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya to describe the prisoners as heroes is truly shocking. Even HE must admit that the many suicide bombers yemach shemom have accomplices, and the attempted suicide bombers and infltrators who are guilty of so many stabbings etc. are rightfully imprisoned as they would be in any civilised society. What right does he have to call them heroes? It shows he agrees with their actions and is as guilty as them!!! How can we ever try for peace with people like this? With moderates like him, who needs radicals…

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