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Court Setback for Cheftziba Modi’in Ilit Residents

10 cover.jpgAccording to INN, Israel’s High Court for Justice decided not to cancel the temporary injunction issued against the buyers of apartments in Modi’in Ilit – who have established residency inside their unfinished apartments after Cheftziba went bankrupt (as reported HERE on YW). The injunction which prevents them from legally entering their apartments was issued in response to a petition by the pro-Arab organization Peace Now, which claims that the apartments were illegally built on Arab land. The judges promised a final decision regarding the petition.

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  1. According to Peace now the entire world is on Arab Land. The chazerim are not happy with their 2 billion acres of land worldwide they want pitzy little Israel. Well, you can’t ahve it. Go lay claims on America. They are definately on occupied lands. This way klal yisroel will get smart move to Eretz Yisroel, moshiach is revealed and walla!

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