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Israeli Supermarkets Launch Diaper War

If you happen to have a baby and have forgotten to buy diapers this week, you may be lucky. At this rate, it’s possible that diapers will be handed out in Israel for nearly nothing.

Only last week, the Mega chain announced that it had started importing Huggies diapers made in Turkey and would sell them for NIS 50 ($14.70) – a reduction of nearly 30% compared to existing Huggies diaper packs.

But that wasn’t the end of it. On Thursday, the chain announced an additional reduction in the Turkish diapers’ price – NIS 36 ($10.50) for Mega club members.

The Shufersal chain, owned by IDB, which also has shares in Hogla-Kimberly (Huggies manufacturer in Israel), reacted to the move by reducing the price of Huggies Freedom diapers made in Israel to NIS 40 ($11.70).

The Rami Levy chain joined the diaper war too, reducing the price of a Huggies Freedom pack to NIS 39 ($11.40) for club members and NIS 44 ($12.90) for regular customers.

It was the second time within one week that Mega reduced its diaper prices, shortly after Hogla-Kimberly published ads claiming that the Turkish-made Huggies diapers are of low quality and have a poor absorption capacity compared to Huggies Freedom diapers.

“Two days after entering the diaper market, we were pleased to see that diaper prices were significantly reduced in all chains. This is good news for the Israeli consumer,” Mega CEO Zeev Vurembrand said Thursday.


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  1. How about the same in the US for pampers, huggies and luvs. On a general note It’s unbelievable how store keepers mark up their prices to rake up gold. from clothing to housewares to food. The shopping industry is scamming It’s consumers. About time something was done to end this.

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